Spring Cleaning

Buds on the trees are starting to poke out, the winds are not so cold anymore and if you live in the “true north” then you know you can start to open your windows and doors for that good old fresh air without freezing your arse off. Spring is just around the corner and the air feels crisp and fresh and way above the minus thirty it has been at for the past fourteen days. It is also that time of year when you look around your home and you notice all of the things that you need to get done: the fan in your living room that has accumulated a mountain of dust, the ledges on your windows that are covered in mounds of dirt, and the paint on your walls that look glaringly tired. It is time for that annual spring clean.
Annual spring cleans can be the kind of monotonous once a year event that seems overly tedious yet enticingly beckoning. Spring asks us to look at our homes like it begs us to look at the the new life growing just below our weathered porches— it’s a time to start anew; to look at our homes with renewed criticism and with reclaimed cleaning vigour. We become that hardy tulip bulb bursting through frosty soil, but with a solid mop and pail in our hands.
But, spring cleaning is more than just dusting, wiping, washing it is about purging the things you’ve been holding onto way longer than our frigid winters: it is about looking at all the stuff you’ve amassed in a short amount of time and deciding what is worthy of keeping or tossing. It is about reorganizing the stuff you decide to keep and making everything new again.
So with the gusto of those beautiful refreshing spring breezes, we attend to the most neglected areas of our homes and tackle away that lazy winter haze.

Top ten areas to spring clean:

  • Ceiling fixtures: whether it be fans, chandeliers or scones take the time to dust these most neglected areas off. 
  • Window ledges: windows accumulate dirt and weathering; they deserve that extra attention
  • Walls and painted areas: if you can then a quick clean then touch up is required. If you have children or pets then a little more TLC is probably required.
  • Furnaces and air ducts: change those filters! Also, book a time with a trusted company to clean out all air ducts ( including your dryer).
  • Re-organize from winter to spring/summer: take all of your decor and seasonal clothing to storage ( we love to store in air-tight containers like these… in the basement ) and bring out all of your lovely spring/ summer beauties
  • Change bedding : with warmer temperature you may want to change from those flannel sheets and hardy comforters to those silky ones and light-weight covers.
  • Freshen-up curtains: take those curtains outdoors if you can and give them some air!
  • Steam clean: steam clean all of your window coverings if possible. This rarely gets done and is often missed. Our favourite steam cleaner is…The Shark!
  • De-frost that freezer and clean that fridge: this is a good time to completely clean out your fridge and freezer
  • Power-wash your exterior: if you have a porch or deck or some grime on your house then power-wash those areas for a fresh look. We love this power-wash brand…Ar Blue Clean

Really, just start where you need it most. Once you get started it’s hard to stop, and soon your home will be sparkling with all the sunbeams streaming in!

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